End to end solution
Technology to help preschools on various fronts
Umbli covers various aspects that are important for preschools and could be improved with technology, such as parent communication, daily diaries, fee management, and more. Explore the extensive list of features below to see what Umbli is capable of.
Personal website for preschool with CMS
Umbli provides school website with all the controls in the app to udpate it. Along with that, Umbli takes care of search engine optimization as well.
Personal website for preschool with CMS
Standardize school curriculum
Standardize your curriculum among all the branches using curriculum delivery component.
Standardize school curriculum
Manage school fee with ease
Manage your school fee with support for installments, reminders, receipts, notifications and record keeping.
Manage school fee with ease
School enquiries
Handle hundreds of enquiries. Convert enquiries into admissions. It is easy to drop admissions in the absense of good enquiry management softwares.
School enquiries
Manage hundreds of school branches
Umbli lets you manage hundred of school branches with ease. You can add new schools all by yourself.
Manage hundreds of school branches
App for franchiser, preschool, teachers & parents
Umbli app is available for all the stakeholders in the preschool eco-system.
App for franchiser, preschool, teachers & parents
Umbli for Fanchiser
Manage all the branches from one place
Manage branches
Manage all branches directly. Onboard new franchisees or home branches into the app by yourself.
App for teachers
Admins & teachers use Umbli app for day to day activities.
App for parents
Parents use umbli app to track all the kid related activities in preschool.
Personal website with CMS
A well designed website for franchiser or preschool with all the update controls directly from app.
SEO for website
Search engine optimization of your website to target parents nearby.
Targeted marketing
Digital marketing to target parents locally for each of your branches. Get more admissions.
Enquiry Management
Handle hundreds of enquiries. Convert enquiries into admissions and franchisees.
Fee Management
Monitor all the payment details for each of your branches.
Communication using groups
Custom groups to interact with branch heads. Use groups for all your communication needs.
Membership & Permissions
Manage membership and permissions for your franchiser and different branches.
Umbli for school/teachers
Communicate with parents engagingly and reduce paperwork
Classes - create/edit
Add classes to school. Choose classes from predefined templates.
Chat with parents
Complete chat system for one-to-one chat with parents. No need to group chat with parents.
Email & SMS integration
No need to maintain multiple systems. Umbli integrates Email and SMS as well, to reach all parents by all modes.
Class activity photos
Send school and class activity updates to parents. Send hundreds of photos.
Rating & reviews
No need to wait for PTM to get parent feedback. Instant rating & review system from parents, to improve your preschool.
Fee management
Manage school fee using fee management component. Send reminders, manage bills, receipts, history.
Day care updates
Send day care updates. Check-in, check-out, food update, sleep update, health update and all.
Attendance updates
Teachers can take attendance updates which are notified to parents instantly.
Diary updates
Send diary updates instantly to parents. Send diary updates by email digest.
Instant notifications for updates sent to all the parents.
Curriculum management
Track curriculum component completion with this module. Update parents realtime about the progress.
Groups for communication
Use groups for communication with teachers and school internally.
Kids' admission and profiles
Add/create new kid profile by yourself. App will notify parents by SMS & Email.
Multiple Guardians
Add as many guardians to kids profile as required. All the guardians receive real time updates.
Rewards for kid
Kids love rewards. Send them rewards to tell how awesome, punctual, hardworking they are.
Minimal typing with templates
Avoid teachers making silly typing mistakes. Use templates. Populate templates once and reuse to save time.
Membership & permissions
Manage school members, teachers by giving them required permissions.
Umbli for parents
Everything you need to track about your kid
Seamless login
Login into the app using your exisiting Facebook or Google account. No need of code or new credentials to login.
Kids' profile
Keep address, DOB, photo and other details up to date. Add additional guardians to let them access the app.
Class activity updates
Receive all the class updates using the class story in the app instantly.
Class diary updates
Receive all the class homework in diary updates.
Daycare updates
Track all the day care updates including check-in, check-out, sleep, food eaten, diaper change and medicine.
Rewards for kids
Check how awesome, hardworking, punctual, diligent was your kid during the day.
Chat with teachers
Complete chat system for one-to-one chat with class teachers. Use it for any urgent or important discussion about your kid.
Fee updates
Pay your school dues on time. Check history of all the bills including any past changes.
Review and Ratings
Rate and review your school. Provide feedback to help school improve.
Multiple guardian support
Add as many guardians as desired to track your kids’ updates.
Curriculum progress & tracking
Check how school is progressing on the curriculum. Stay up to date with what is next for your kid in the school.
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