Mobile app platform for preschools
Umbli is a tech platform especially designed for preschools, helping them expand, and easing their day-to-day life
About the platform
Designed for Preschools
Preschools have specific needs than a big K12 school, and hence a generic software does not fit well. Umbli is tailor-made for preschools. It is designed and engineered specifically considering preschools and franchiser requirements. The platform understands preschools and provides all the required technology to make preschools more efficient and successful.
Go digital with Umbli
Umbli helps you engage with current & future parents
Preschool website – Self maintained
Umbli creates state-of-the-art websites for corporate and all individual branches. The websites can be fully updated by each branch admins, directly from within the mobile app.
Mobile app for preschools
You get an app to manage everything, including parent communication, daily diaries, fee management, and more. The app is for teachers, parents, school admins and franchisers.
Preschool brand awareness
Umbli mobile app creates a brand awareness of preschool among parents. This helps you in retaining existing parents as well as in getting new admissions.
Start with Umbli
Getting started is easy
1. Download the app
Umbli app is available on Android and iOS. Search for 'Umbli' on the respective store to download the app and get started. You can download the app directly using the links as well.
2. Sign-in
Umbli simplifies login for all the stakeholders by using existing Google or Facebook accounts for the login process. Just click on Google or Facebook to sign-in.
3. Create Franchiser/School
After login, go to the settings tab on home page. Click on 'Create Franchiser' option to create a new Franchiser/School.
Umbli makes your life easy
Umbli has intelligent tools for preschools
Manage branches
Manage all branches directly. Onboard new franchisees or home branches into the app by yourself.
App for teachers
Admins & teachers use Umbli app for day to day activities.
App for parents
Parents use umbli app to track all the kid related activities in preschool.
Personal website with CMS
A well designed website for franchiser or preschool with all the update controls directly from app.
SEO for website
Search engine optimization of your website to target parents nearby.
Targeted marketing
Digital marketing to target parents locally for each of your branches. Get more admissions.
Quick platform peek
Sign in with Facebook or Google
Login into the app using your exisiting Facebook or Google accounts. No hassles of sign-up process. Just download and start using the app.
Sign in with Facebook or Google
Manage hundreds of school branches
Umbli lets you manage hundred of school branches with ease. You can add new schools all by yourself.
Manage hundreds of school branches
App for franchiser, preschool, teachers & parents
Umbli app is available for all the stakeholders in the preschool eco-system.
App for franchiser, preschool, teachers & parents
Personal website for preschool with CMS
Umbli provides school website with all the controls in the app to udpate it. Along with that, Umbli takes care of search engine optimization as well.
Personal website for preschool with CMS
Standardize school curriculum
Standardize your curriculum among all the branches using curriculum delivery component.
Standardize school curriculum
Manage school fee with ease
Manage your school fee with support for installments, reminders, receipts, notifications and record keeping.
Manage school fee with ease
School enquiries
Handle hundreds of enquiries. Convert enquiries into admissions. It is easy to drop admissions in the absense of good enquiry management softwares.
School enquiries
Pricing - Easy payment model
Zero upfront cost with 1 month free trial period
To make you familiar with the platform and tools, we provide you with one month free trial period. After that duration if you are happy, you can subscribe to Umbli on an easy payment model. To get more details about pricing or to get started, please contact us on or call our help & support line.
Some of our partners on the platform
Kidzonia International, Hyderabad
Jain Toddlers, Hyderabad
Glendale, Hyderabad
Insignis Transnational, Hyderabad
Vigna - The school for toddlers, Hyderabad
Shemrock Subharambh, Greater Noida
Children's Valley, Greater Noida
Blooming Flowers, Greater Noida
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